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Steps to become a foster home


1. Complete the foster application

2. Phone interview (within 7 days)

3. Home evaluation




Details on the process

4. Once there is a dog that needs to be put into a foster home, we will contact you and see if you are available. 

5. Our pets arrive into New England in several ways, you will be expected to pick up the pet : ground transport or air transport

1. Complete the foster application

2. A phone interview will be conducted after application has been received (please allow up to 7 days for processing).

3. A home evaluation will be scheduled and conducted.

More information

If you have current pets, they must be updated on vaccinations including Bordatella (given at least 7 days prior to rescue arriving in the home).

If you have another pet, it would be good to keep them in separate rooms and socialize them slowly.

Before a Dog or Puppy comes to your home you will need the following supplies.

If you do not have these supplies WRAR will help you in obtaining them such as bowls- separate from your pets, crate, toys, treats, leash and collar.

Note: as rescue becomes better, if sick, different behaviors can become apparent, such as food aggression, dominance competition, etc.

While the rescue is at your home he/she should be learning how to get into a crate, basic commands as sit, stay, and lay down, and beginnings of walking on a leash.

As Applications are approved for a particular pet, you will be notified. WRAR respects your valuable time which is why we would like you, as a foster parent, to arrange for pet visitation. Please call the Director immediately, if a potential adopter is expecting you to "deliver" or drive to meet them. This is not an expectation we have. Unless you do not want people at your home, then you may choose a meeting place.