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There are many ways you can help us fundraise. Are you hosting a dinner or a birthday part, ask your guests to donate to our cause!


Start fundraising in a few steps!

Are you ready to start fundraising? You can use Facebook and launch your fundraiser in just a few steps! Choose from one of the options below to start fundraising. We will give you the necessary tools to set up a fundraising page, online donations and social media connections, as well as allowing you to see the fundraising progress you’ve made. Every $5 dollars you raise will provide a meal a day for a dog. Start helping today!


Instead of bringing a gift, ask your friends to make a donation that will help save a dog. Learn more >

Make it a memorable occasion and instead of registering, ask your guests to donate. Learn more >

Why not ask your friends to bring a donation for rescue dogs instead of a party gift. Learn more >

Work with your friends on a fundraiser to help make an even bigger impact! Learn more >

Are you good with photography and videos? Use your talents to help us rescue dogs! Learn more >

Are you ready to get started? Get inspired for your fundraiser on Facebook. Learn more >