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Pet Concierge Program
by White River Animal Rescue


How we find your perfect match!


1. Schedule a call with our team

2. Complete the application

3. We find the perfect dog for you

4. You get your dog!



Details on the process

4. Submit the paperwork and make the payment

5. Once we have found the right dog for you and all procedures have been done, the dog flies to your home 

6. You get your dog at home and we help you with making sure he is the perfect fit for you and your family

1. Schedule a call with our team

2. Complete the questionnaire to see if we are a good fit

3. We talk over the phone and go over the process to find you your perfect dog

What is a Pet Concierge Program?

The Pet Concierge Program is a service offered exclusively by White River Animal Rescue. In order to ease the process of adoption, we have put together a program to help adopters seeking a particular puppy/dog.

How does the Pet Concierge Program work?

After submitting the necessary paperwork and payment, our Concierge will contact you via email to confirm approval after reviewing all of your information. From that point on, our Concierge will reach out to surrounding nationwide partners to find your perfect pet. A dog matching your criteria is then transported to your home nationwide, and you will be contacted to meet with the dog. If the dog is a match, you may adopt prior to anyone else having the opportunity to. If it is not a match, the dog will go up for adoption at our rescue.

What are the fees?

The fees vary based on the dog you are looking for and go from $300 up to $2000, which excludes the transportation fee based on where you are located. The usual fee for a puppy is between $500 to $1000. A monthly membership is also required while we look for your perfect dog and make sure that it is receiving the necessary care, vaccinations and training. We do understand that events may come up where you will not be in a position to adopt for a few weeks or even a few months, so you may place your membership on hold where you can simply email us. You are also able to keep your membership after you found your perfect match and benefit from our dog coaching program at a discounted rate.

How long will it take until I find a match?

It typically takes about 2-4 weeks to find your perfect match. Members seeking a very unusual breed, special training or with multiple factors may take longer.

What is needed to adopt?

All members of the household must be present, and any dogs in the home must be present to meet with your potential match. If it is a match, please be prepared to take the dog home with you the same day. All necessary vaccinations will be done prior.

Can you hold a dog?

Unfortunately, we cannot hold dogs back from being adopted. Holding a dog in our rescue limits the number of dogs that we can save from other shelters. There are many members of our Pet Concierge Program who are interested in adopting, and therefore we cannot hold the dog past your appointment time.