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Year in Review: 2017

Our mission: Our mission is to focus, first and foremost, on dogs in danger of immediate euthanasia, with special consideration for medically compromised dogs. 



  • 70 dogs came into our care.
  • 70 dogs went to a loving homes*
  • Live Release Rate**: 100%

*All dogs being taken into our care found a loving home. 
**A shelter’s “Live Release Rate” is the number of live outcomes divided by the number of total outcomes. This year, no dogs in our care were euthanized nor passed away, which gives WRAR a 100% live release rate.



  • 60% of adoptions were adult dogs.
  • 40% of adoptions were puppies. 
  • 3500 total adoptions since founding in 2009.


Live transfer: 

  • All dogs are transferred from shelters nationwide.
  • No dogs were transferred from individuals.


Foster program: 

  • All dogs received foster care.*
  • 35 volunteers have helped rescue dogs. 

* Each of the dogs we rescue is automatically transferred to a foster home.


Spay/neuter clinic: 

  • 7 total surgeries.
  • All were spay & save surgeries.



  • 77 active volunteers.


Names of the board of directors:

  • Amy Knight
  • Tina Fulmer