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Success Stories

Discover some of our most successful stories from adopters and foster parents. 



Chocmo was our very first dog ❤️. My sister Lauren had adopted their dog Savannah, from White River Animal Rescue,  a little over a year before we decided we were ready for a dog

When Chocmo came off the truck, filled with at least a hundred other dogs, he was very, very scared. Chocmo was anxious and afraid when we first brought him home. We had our work cut out for teach him what it feels like to be loved. 

He is an amazing companion. I can't imagine our home, life and family without him. I am forever grateful to WRAR for sending him to us ❤️.  He enjoys eating frosty paws in the backyard on a warm day, LOVES the fall, but the best thing about Chocmo is that he taught me how to be a good dog Mom ❤️.



After a really tough year, I asked my husband if we could get another dog. I contacted Amy, at WRAR, letting her know that we were ready for another dog. Amy texted me a picture of Boomer ❤️.  I instantly fell in love with his sweet face. Boomer flew into Boston Logan Airport. Boomer healed a piece of me that I honestly thought could never be repaired. He is sunshine with fur. I can't imagine Chocmo without Boomer and vice versa. They are inseparable best of friends. When we brought home our first human baby, this past October,  Boomer was overjoyed! He hops around like he is getting a present whenever he sees his baby human brother! Boomer just bursts with joy anytime we all play on the floor together or snuggle in bed. I am so so grateful to White River Animal Rescue (especially Amy Knight) for sending these two special boys to us.❤️



One night, I went on Craigslist to see what people were posting, on there, about dogs. I came across an ad for a GSP puppy people were selling because their kids were allergic to her. I called Amy and said we have to get this dog. I called and told the lady that I could come with cash that night. They said yes, so we went right over and got her.

When I got there they had a beagle. I thought it was kind of weird. We took her home. She was probably 6 weeks old and so,so small. We quickly found out what the problem was. She didn't like the crate. She would scream like you were torturing her and she would make herself sick. The people were not allowed to have dogs and with her screaming they didn't want to get caught with their other dog.

We named her Scarlet. She learned about the crate, got along great with Aspen (foster) and Deegan (my dog). She was adopted by a wonderful family from Pennsylvania. They drove up to me, to pick her up. She is a happy, healthy 85 lbs goofball!



Both of these goofballs came from White River..... They now guard put property from , noises in the woods, leaves, wind, planes in the sky.... Etc... You get the idea. Lol




My fur babies are also from WRAR. They are SO loved and make our family complete! 😍



Love of my life Dover he use to be named ricochet which also would have been appropriate. He's gonna be 9 this year I can't believe he's getting so old. So happy you guys saved him from death row 8 and a half years ago. I couldn't imagine my life without him



She loves to sunbath and play with our other puppy... she cuddles with the kids and if anyone try's to come to our door they better watch out... she's spunky and funny...



We got Lucy in 2009, and have since moved to Colorado.
We are renovating our house and ripped up the hideous carpet and replaced with plank flooring downstairs. She was very excited when carpet samples came for carpet upstairs. She just can't get the traction to chase squirrels out the back door on the new flooring! 😂



April 18, 2015 was our big guy Max's gotcha day!!! Max came to us from Texas & needed a bit of time to relax and feel did not take long for Max to realize he came to the right place 💕. Max loves the cats & has acquired a little brother from another rescue. Max is a great big love bug & a perfect fit for our family!!!



This is troy and he came to us in August of 2010 from WRAR. He has been the most amazing boy ever between having daycare kids in our home for 3 yrs then being my running partner for the last 6 and loves all our furry animals no matter the size. He will be 7 soon and still hasn't slowed down one bit. Even though he came up from down south he loves to play in the snow. We are so lucky to have him part of our family. 😍



Oh Oliver, how we love you so. We got Oliver about a year and a half ago and he came up from TN after running the streets. He's obviously had a rough existence before becoming a part of our family, but that makes him even more special. He needs a bit of extra love, extra consistency and with that we are getting back so much extra from him. Thank you for allowing Oliver (was Huck Finn/Bullwinkle) into our lives. 💕🐾



We couldn't be any happier with our Zoey who we got from WRAR. She is so sweet with everyone. Loves to play in the snow or chase birds and squirrels in the back yard. We are so lucky to have her as a part of our family :)



 Luna came to Maine on Halloween of 2015 and Sadie joined us in June of 2016. Both came from WRAR and both are sweet dogs. Luna was amazing from the first moment she arrived and is a friend to everyone she meets. Sadie has been a bit more work but she's getting there and she absolutely loves her walks, trips to the dog park, and meeting people.



Lance is such a sweet and loving guy. We got him a little over a year ago from WRAR. He is loved and spoiled so much!! So glad places like WRAR are out there to rescue these otherwise doomed animals! :) :) This is a picture from the day we brought him home! :)



Khloe , my first baby , so sweet and pure I'm so lucky WRAR found her for us ❤ she has her daddy wrapped around her paw too !



Here's my Emma. (aka Carley). Got her November 2014. She's the best and her foster mom Amanda was wonderful. Just love my Emma to pieces!!!


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