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Apply to adopt today!

All dogs need and deserve a forever home with a good family. Since 2009, White River Animal Rescue has helped over 4,000 dogs find their new family. Become a part of their journey, adopt today!


Steps to adopting a dog

Please give careful consideration to adopting an animal. Animals are not toys or short-term commitments. Make sure your lifestyle allows the time, patience and expense this animal will need over the years.



1. We review applications immediately


2. Reference checks & Interview


3. A home visit is conducted.

4. Take a home a forever friend

Application process

1. Fill out adoption application with all required information. We will be unable to complete applications with missing information.

2. If your application is considered, your references are called. Followed by an interview.

3. If the reference check yields positive results, a phone interview with one of our Director's is scheduled.

4. After a successful interview, a home visit is arranged.

5. Take home your forever friend!


Health Costs

White River Animal Rescue is a foster based rescue group. Meaning we DO NOT have a physical shelter for you to come visit.  Dogs are housed in private residences throughout New England and Southern states. Our adoption fee for our dogs and puppies is $500.

Rescuing animals is a costly endeavor. White River Animal Rescue pays for all of the health care costs associated with a dog or puppy BEFORE that dog or puppy is transported into the Northeast. Once a dog or puppy is adopted, we no longer pay for their healthcare needs.

* Sterilization- $55 - $300
* Rabies- $5-$20
* DHPP-$10-$25
* Bordatella- $10-$20
* HW test- $25-$35
* Fecal exam- $15-$40
* Heartguard-$10- $20
* Nexgard- $$20-$30
* Health/Travel Certificate-- $15- $85
* Heartworm Treatment--$300-$1200
* Skin Scraping-- $50


Please note

To cover the costs of treating and/or rehabilitating the dogs we agree to rescue. If you have questions about how the money from the adoption fee is utilized, please ask. We are more than happy to help people understand how this organization manages their operation.

If applying to adopt a puppy, we understand that many families have two working adults therefore we don't expect anyone to be a super hero and quit a day job just to be able to take home a puppy. Every puppy family has different needs, our (lengthy) application helps us identify who needs what information and which homes might make the best fit. If you are a veteran dog owner, we will not waste your time regaling things you already know; by the same token, if this is your first puppy, we want to make sure you and your family are prepared for what life with a puppy may bring. 

We are an all volunteer rescue organization, meaning, we rescue dogs in our spare time. We try to contact all applicants within a timely manner, but if you have applied and have not heard back from us, please send us a follow up email to: