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Our Foster Homes


What foster homes do?

All dogs which we rescue are immediately housed into a foster home. We have foster homes which primarily foster adult dogs and those who primarily foster puppies. Our fosters are located both, in the South, and in the Northeast.

A common misunderstanding is that all rescued dogs must be placed in a foster home in the Northeast. All of our dogs, once taken from a shelter, are housed in a foster home from the state in which they were rescued, for no less than one month. Moving a dog into another home with different rules, different humans, different dogs can be distressing and is disrupting to a dog.


A Few of Our Fosters



Sydney is a "Gold Star" Foster


Kathy is a "Gold Star" foster!



Bonnie has quickly elevated her fostering skills to the "Gold Star" level!


Foster with WRAR!

We make sure that our dogs get all the care they need to live a healthy life and find their forever home. If you are interested in fostering, please click on "apply" below. Thank you for your interest in WRAR.  


Other ways to help us rescue dogs

WRAR distinguishes itself by its ethics related to dog’s well-being and by its exhaustive efforts to rescue dogs from euthanasia, sickness and mistreatment.