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Our Story


Who we are?

White River Animal Rescue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2009 by Amy knight, and has quickly become a major resource for animal rescue and adoptions in New England. 


How did we get started? 

Amy Knight, an ardent animal lover, living in New England, was looking to make a difference by helping dogs. In 2008, she helped transport a few dogs for a rescue organization saving dogs from Georgia. Known shelters in Georgia and across the south, drag stray or surrendered dogs down a corridor into a gas chamber, as a process to kill dogs.

Amy was emailed a plea to help a momma dog in Georgia, who had just delivered puppies in a shelter. At that time, Amy did not have the contacts to help this family. All were taken to a gas chamber and gassed. She decided, at that moment, something had to be done to save, otherwise adoptable dogs, from the casualty of human irresponsibility. In 2008, Amy met Tina Fulmer who needed help saving a dog from Spaulding Animal Shelter in Georgia. Amy and Tina then created White River Animal Rescue. 


Our first dog

Our first dog was actually a litter of 7 Blue Tick Coonhound puppies. In retrospect, we had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into. All of the puppies came down with kennel cough several days after they arrived. Luckily, the Director lived next to a Veterinary office. We quickly began to understand how complex rescuing dogs actually is. The puppies all got better and went to wonderful homes. We still receive pictures of Cyrus from his adopter, to this day.


WRAR helps hundreds of dogs every year find their way to their forever family.


Other ways to help us rescue dogs

White River Animal Rescue distinguishes itself by its ethics related to dogs’ well-being and by its exhaustive efforts to rescue dogs from euthanasia, sickness and mistreatment.